‘Drink Spiking’ is the term used for the act of secretly placing drugs in to drinks in order to incapacitate a person for the purpose of sexual assault, rape, robbery, kidnapping and other crimes. It is a global issue that is on the rise.

Drink Spiking is a premeditated act, a personal violation and a criminal offence.

When someone’s drink is spiked with alcohol or drugs, they often do not realise it until it is far too late and they are either unconscious or unable to communicate properly. Unfortunately, in many cases of drink spiking, the victim does not even realise anything is wrong until the event has passed and they wake up uncomfortably and with memory loss. Most people who have their drinks spiked eventually blackout. A blackout can last up to 12 hours and is usually followed by memory loss.

Drugs traditionally used for drink spiking, such as Ketamine, GHB and Rohypnol, and domestically manufactured illicit drugs, are available in most sectors of society. The availability of drugs coupled with alcohol consumption has resulted in social environments becoming favoured places for those who wish to perpetrate drug-assisted crimes. Statistics show that there is a rising epidemic of drug-assisted sexual assault and violence – particularly amongst youth and young adults.

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